The bureaucrats broke us down

Denmark - a small northern deparment of an European project for the upper class people

Why is EU a failure

1. The organization is too big. There are too many member states so they cannot make efficient decisions.

2. The organization is organized of confederate states. Each state is independent. There has not been a civil war where countries setting their own agenda over the good of the rest of the countries have been beaten into place opposite the United States of America, which taught their citizens that there is no way out of the organization between 1860 and 1865. There is even no roadmap for a country which want to leave the European Union sometime in the future.

3. The level of development between the most superior countries in the Union and the countries close to status as an undeveloped country is too big considering that they have to operate after the same guidelines. There is also a social and cultural difference which the Danish politician Mogens Camre pointed out several years ago.

4. Corruption is wide spread down in Brussels. Lobbyists have virtually taken over the town and there are few rules regarding registration and the extend of their so-called coorperation with the politicians. It is difficult for the population in all EU member states to figure out who is ruling them.