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Parking firms - preventing protests against the government

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 17, 2011 at 2:32 PM

Yesterday farmers tried to protest the environmental plans planned by the central government in Copenhagen and it did cost them.

We have seen civil protests in a lot of countries. Egypt managed to change their government. In countries like Libya, Bahrain and Yemen the future is uncertain for the people who just as the Danish farmers want to work in a line of business which can support their family to avoid starving.

In Denmark the government cannot order the police to attack the protesters as direct as it is done further south. They have some to do the dirty work.

Violence against protesters are also not well received in Denmark. In fact when the police conducted the necessary arrests in relationship with the climate summit, protests against long processing time by the police came at once, despite the fact that most of the over 1,000 protesters were released within 24 hours.

Over in Copenhagen the farmers were lured into a private owned area where they were ticked by a private firm controlling this area. The people working for such firm are in general known in the public as having no morale standing and when they are hired by public employers in some town, they are not subjected to checks for cruelty against children as most public servicemen are, as the recruiting base would be too small.

The farmers protest were surpressed as we also see it in Libya. However not with violence but by bankrupting them instead.

2011 has been a year for freedom for many, but for others there are still a long difficult path before they can enjoy not only democracy but also freedom to fulfill their line of work without backbreaking regulations.

Major tractor demo closes in on capital (, March 16, 2011)

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