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More reactions from Danes on the British attack

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 20, 2015 at 2:50 PM

We found another blog about immigration to Denmark and the false add campain in British newspapers:

British interests try to trick asylum seekers

It is with a mix of outrage and sadness that we Danes have learned that British newspapers paint a false picture of asylums seekers can find in Denmark.

Fact is that there is no future for them in Denmark as their education is not good enough. A lot of medical staff from a lot of countries can be seen working as waiters or taxi drivers. Good surgeons cannot expect to be accredited in Denmark because our education system is so much better.

In fact, Danish teenagers who spend a year abroad cannot get accreditation from any school in the world. They have attended high schools in United States, France, England and Ireland. All good countries with good education standards but still not good enough the department of education in Denmark. And with good reasons. Years ago, they allowed a Dentist to practice in Naestved who had learned his skills in India or Pakistan. People died!

A lot of business men came come with grades from Harward both with and without double d. They faked many customers and business partners and a lot of people lost money. So now it is good practice to view candidates with foreign grades or even foreign experience with suspicion.

We have no need for asylum seekers in a modern Denmark. We already have too many compared with the size of our country and population. Danes have paid a lot regarding social security and unlike Britain where it is easy to work illegal the Danish trade unions together with the police do a hard work to find illegal workers and fine both them and the employers.

While this hunt for illegal workers has been successful, the ordinary Danes still have experienced cuts in social benefits and pensions, so it would be unfair to state that the asylum seekers are running from a situation worse than the one they will experience in Denmark. Ask the Danes! They will confirm that they have experienced hardship and suffering unlike any other nation in the entire world.

It is close to an insult to ordinary Danes when people come to our doorstep and ask for asylum. It is not to understand how people can live with themselves robbing the Danish population for almost everything.

We have to criticize the people in England who are so evil that they would publish lies in their newspapers just to get the asylum seekers from entering the Channel Tunnel. It is really bad taste.

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