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Stabbed in the back (reaction to the British attack)

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 14, 2015 at 3:00 PM

We found another blogger who made an entry about the British attack on Denmark:

Stabbed in the back

A Danish woman was able to make the The Guardian publish an article which could turn out to destroy our country.

If the wrong people read this article Denmark as a nation could go bankrupt. Tons of asylum seekers will go to Denmark where we struggle with burden of housing them.

Maybe we will have to etablish internment camps like we did just after the WWII where 200,000 refugees from Germany went to Denmark. I have to say that despite our best efforts 4,000 children died after the war due to the massive number of refugee measured against the medical resources we had at that time for them.

And now it not that much better if they keep coming here. The medical system in Denmark has to make cuts every year. Many nurses have been fired. Entire hospitals have been closed despite the fact that there still were need for them.

But the burden of the costs for the refugees who are already here have forced our society to make decisions which are not happy ones.

Maybe we have to look at our experiences just after WWII to learn what we did good so they left our country in a hurry. It might cost some lives but when the price in play is the future of our entire country then hard decisions will have to be made.

The European Union will not stand for many years when a member state like England attacks us Danes and I as a Dane feel this article as an attack.

The original blog entry:

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