The bureaucrats broke us down

Denmark - a small northern deparment of an European project for the upper class people


Unemployed people in Denmark might seek tent cities

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 7, 2013 at 10:35 AM

15,000 people will lose their homes and their families risk being torn apart and their children might end up in Denmark’s broken foster care system.


They hit the wall where they have been unemployed for 24 months. Most of them live in areas with few or no jobs. Many of them might be able to take a short term job but due to the laws they have to be in job for 12 months before they have earned the right to unemployment benefits again.


In reality they are lost and they know it.


Our central government over in Copenhagen doesn’t care about ordinary people. Most politicians have never known a normal job. They have entered the parliament fresh from school.


15,000 people who are unusable for our society. 15,000 people where the bureaucrats just wait for them to die.


It is the welfare society known as Denmark as of year 2013.




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