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Mold in your apartment - run

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 29, 2011 at 4:34 PM

If you discover mold in your apartment in Denmark and it is an apartment you have rented leave it rather than protest against the landlord.

None can help you. Not the courts not the local city council.

Worse it is if the local authorities have made a deal about paying overprice if they can place their clients in the house. As one lady in a small hamlet called Stenloese discovered.

She lost her child to foster care because she protested. The landlord seemed to tip the social services off about a woman who was living at an apartment with dangerous mold in it. It is child neglect and the authorities have no other option but to remove the child. However once the lady left the town, new people moved into the mold infected apartment. How about their health?

Egedal as the new city council has named the three former hamlets of Oelstykke, Stenloese and Smoerum are no place for families with children if they choose to rent.

The entire social system in Denmark has an aura about corruption hanging over it. How did the landlord – in this case the firm KAB – manage to avoid giving them temporary housing? How did the social worker Klinkby find the specific foster parents who had set their mind about defacing the mother of the child? Did she just put an ad in the newspapers? Did she conduct or order a psychological testing of the foster parents before they came on the pay-roll?

Even with all those questions remaining unanswered, it is clear that the social system is broken in Denmark. There are no rules about how a specific group home or residential treatment center is found. If money is under table in some form, it would not be surprising considering the price which is paid. Some children are placed at costs of 6.000 DKK per day. In order to avoid a scandal like the one in Pennsylvania, regulation of this area is highly needed.

But no politician has the courage to order an investigation into whether the money is spent so the tax-payers may get more for their money. So until further notice, do avoid to rent an apartment. Buy something instead or suffer like you have never suffered before.



About the woman hurt by public actions.

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