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Hired Goons in Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on October 10, 2020 at 3:25 PM

Næstved Storcenter is a shopping mall on the island of Sealand - an island we in Jutland calls the Devils Island.

A unlucky woman tried to buy a cop of coffee from Starbucks inside the mall and she had a permission not to wear mask due to an illness. Still guards or I have to say goons from the G4S firm which as a poor track record with abusive prisons abroad harassed her.

In the end she was arrested for effort to document the harassment. So if George Floyd had been arrested inside Næstved Storcenter, he would have died without the world knowing because it is illegal to use your smartphone inside the mall.

The combination of a so-called security firm and a ban on all video is a toxic combination.

It creates an unpleasant situation for the customers of Næstved Storcenter. It brings shame on the Starbucks brand. It is not for fun that some people have to go to their doctor and get a note which allows them not to wear mask but at the same time expose them to this China virus put upon us in order to test the health care systems the world over.

Denmark is no longer the proud country which pulled out of the cartoon war victorious. Denmark is no longer the proud country which single-handed whipped all the other EU-countries into place with the Maastricht agreement. Denmark is a country ruled in fear from the Covid-19 fines and the prime minister responsible for a state administration which one say say mask does not matter and the next day say that they should be used and people should get fines if they do not use them.

What awful times we live in. I will never visit Næstved Storcenter again and I hope that Starbucks will call Salling Group and tell them how customers should be treated.

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