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Bloggers report of United Kingdoms attack on Denmark

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Bloggers report that the government in United Kingdom seems to have asked their newspapers to promote Denmark in favor of themselves so immigrants will target Denmark to be parasites in instead of United Kingdom.


The newspaper Guardian behind a secret attack on Denmark?

The English newspaper "The Guardian" has allowed a disturbed Danish woman to write about asylum seekers and how the supposely should be welcome in Denmark. I am shocked. We all know that the United Kingdom face trouble because France has let them down by allowing asylum seekers to camp near the Channel tunnel. They really want to install dangerous electric fence so people can be killed off if they try to enter the United Kingdom through the tunnel but it has not been possible yet. But just because they have trouble with asylum seekers it doesn't mean that Denmark should have space for them. Denmark as a welfare state is in huge trouble and on the verge of a breakdown due to the high number of asylum seekers. Let me tell you some of the problems we as Danes have faced the resent years:
  1. No early retirement called "Efterlon" in Danish: For a lot of Danes life has been about making career until they were 40 and then starting to plan their retirement the last 20 years in the workforce. The costs of asylum seekers and foreign aid programs abroad trying to limit the number has forced the Danish government to force the Danes to work instead of receiving their well deserved pension.

  2. Cuts in social benefits: People who are living together without being married have to live alone because otherwise they will be considered responsible to cover living costs for the other occupent of the address.

  3. Abandoned villages: Jobs and housing seem to be centered around the major cities in Denmark leaving the rest of Denmark to end up as something between wasteland and wilderness. The authorities use a lot of money to tear down abandoned buildings so they don't end up housing theves from Eastern Europe who sleep in the abandoned houses during the nights and then drive into the cities by day where they shoplift in huge groups often overpowering the employees in the shops.

  4. Abandoned villages: Young people born in the countryside and smaller cities have to leave their families because school is not existing. Since 1970 more than 2/3 of the Danish public school covering form 1 to 9 has been closed. Often schools outside the cities so the students have to travel hours in order to go to school.

  5. Healthcare: The state of Denmark cannot treat everyone for free anymore. They have categorized and selected some illnesses over others. Cancer is a fine illness to get. They have put limits on the days people have to wait for treatment. Depression is bad thing to get because do you get children at some point and should they suffer from any problems in school you will be fined more than 100.000 for a stay in a treatment facility because you put children in the world knowing that you had this illness.

  6. Social services: People with low income or people who are suffering from various illnesses can lose their children by forced adoption. Children in foster care are adopted by force because it is cheaper for the system with adoptive children than children in foster care.

  7. Cuts in social benefits: Students have to etablish debts because a stricter regulation regarding student grants make it impossible to take some years off working full time, so now only welthy families can afford education or risk life long debt with huge interest making it impossible to gain profit from going to school instead of dropping out.

Fact is: The conditions in Denmark are not better than the conditions the asylum seekers run from.
  • A lot of people suffers from war trauma because the Danish politicians since 1990 has sent soldiers to almost every conflict in the world. Some have killed civilians when they returned home. Others have committed suicide and some cannot live indoor and you find the sleeping in the woods where they shun other people.

  • The jobs are sent to China or people with no qualifications are coming in from India because India due to widespread cheating has given a lot of people fine titles so they look qualified.

  • Values are stolen from Danes by people from Eastern Europe.

  • Entire lines of businesses are taken by the immigrants making Danes unemployed. Asylum seekers from Somalia sit on almost all the import of Khat making it impossible for future immigrants to establish themselves in that business because they protect their business with violence.
  • Danish women servicing men on private matters have seen their jobs going to trafficed women making it impossible for future immigrants to enter this line of business suited well for them due the lack of educational demands.

  • If you come with a foreign education you will most likely have to take jobs outside your line of business. A lot of medical staff has been recruited as cab drivers due to their ability to learn fast which is a plus for a cab driver where you have to learn the names of the streets for obvious reasons.

  • You are asking yourself: Why are the Danes not on the run if things are so bad? Because mobility is an issue in Denmark. First the police guard the road with speed traps making commuting to foreign jobs difficult if not possible. Parking is an issue and most people need a vehicle to go. A man in Copenhagen has been jailed for 4 months because he made a fuss against a parking attendant.

    Secondly Danes are not used to relocate themselves inside Denmark so they are very unlikely to do it outside Denmark. In Denmark we live by the Jante Law which you can look up on Wikipedia. A Dane relocating to another part of Denmark doesn't expect to be an integrated part of the community. Maybe it would be possible for his grand children. He will always be the stranger.
With all these things speaking against going to Denmark why does The Guardian then make this article based on this disturbed womans ideas? Is it because The Guardian acts on the behalf of the English government? Do they want to create a huge crisis inside the European Union in a time where they think of leaving the Union. We as Danes are offended. To read this disturbed article please use the link below if you can deal with the contents: Asylum seekers should head for Denmark – here are five reasons why (The Guardian)

We are watching this unwanted provocation by the government in United Kingdom. We will publish articles from other bloggers.


The newspaper Guardian behind a secret attack on Denmark? (The original blog-entry)

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