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Depression is contagious

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 8, 2013 at 2:45 PM

If you suspect that you suffer from depression the first choice would be to see a doctor. Unfortunately it is not an option for a Danish parent, unless this parent wants to jeopardize the future of his or her family.




Because the Danish law number: 498 from 2011 allows the social services to charge parents for the treatment of their children if the children is suffering from the same illness as the parents. Then the genetic responsibility kicks in. The social services can charge thousands of dollars of the parents.


Please remember that we are talking Denmark where illnesses normally are treated free of charge because Danes pay so much in Taxes. But a mental illness like depression is considered shameful. And depression is considered to be contagious between a parent and a child.


Many families find themselves in a situation where they have to move to a cheaper house or even out of the cities so they can feet siblings while the sick child is treated in group homes specialized in depressions.


Should a parent then seek treatment when a depression is suspected? We are not doctors so we will not ask you to ignore your symptoms. We can only tell you that your family might suffer if your child also gets a depression at a later time.


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