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Despite suffering Denmarks gives money away

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 15, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)
We have just learned the awful news that Danes have to suffer a lot more. Our central government over in Copenhagen have decided to give 75m DKK away to a country which have housed pirates.

It is shocking that the government fails to acknownledge that the money are much harder neeeded in Denmark.

People have lost their jobs. Hunger among the poor is almost certain. The retirement age has gone up. Our ships have been attacked by these pirates. Seamen have been captured for more than two years and yet the government find it important to throw money out the window.

It is not to understand.


Depression is contagious

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 8, 2013 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

If you suspect that you suffer from depression the first choice would be to see a doctor. Unfortunately it is not an option for a Danish parent, unless this parent wants to jeopardize the future of his or her family.




Because the Danish law number: 498 from 2011 allows the social services to charge parents for the treatment of their children if the children is suffering from the same illness as the parents. Then the genetic responsibility kicks in. The social services can charge thousands of dollars of the parents.


Please remember that we are talking Denmark where illnesses normally are treated free of charge because Danes pay so much in Taxes. But a mental illness like depression is considered shameful. And depression is considered to be contagious between a parent and a child.


Many families find themselves in a situation where they have to move to a cheaper house or even out of the cities so they can feet siblings while the sick child is treated in group homes specialized in depressions.


Should a parent then seek treatment when a depression is suspected? We are not doctors so we will not ask you to ignore your symptoms. We can only tell you that your family might suffer if your child also gets a depression at a later time.


Unemployed people in Denmark might seek tent cities

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 7, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

15,000 people will lose their homes and their families risk being torn apart and their children might end up in Denmark’s broken foster care system.


They hit the wall where they have been unemployed for 24 months. Most of them live in areas with few or no jobs. Many of them might be able to take a short term job but due to the laws they have to be in job for 12 months before they have earned the right to unemployment benefits again.


In reality they are lost and they know it.


Our central government over in Copenhagen doesn’t care about ordinary people. Most politicians have never known a normal job. They have entered the parliament fresh from school.


15,000 people who are unusable for our society. 15,000 people where the bureaucrats just wait for them to die.


It is the welfare society known as Denmark as of year 2013.




Mold in your apartment - run

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 29, 2011 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (0)

If you discover mold in your apartment in Denmark and it is an apartment you have rented leave it rather than protest against the landlord.

None can help you. Not the courts not the local city council.

Worse it is if the local authorities have made a deal about paying overprice if they can place their clients in the house. As one lady in a small hamlet called Stenloese discovered.

She lost her child to foster care because she protested. The landlord seemed to tip the social services off about a woman who was living at an apartment with dangerous mold in it. It is child neglect and the authorities have no other option but to remove the child. However once the lady left the town, new people moved into the mold infected apartment. How about their health?

Egedal as the new city council has named the three former hamlets of Oelstykke, Stenloese and Smoerum are no place for families with children if they choose to rent.

The entire social system in Denmark has an aura about corruption hanging over it. How did the landlord – in this case the firm KAB – manage to avoid giving them temporary housing? How did the social worker Klinkby find the specific foster parents who had set their mind about defacing the mother of the child? Did she just put an ad in the newspapers? Did she conduct or order a psychological testing of the foster parents before they came on the pay-roll?

Even with all those questions remaining unanswered, it is clear that the social system is broken in Denmark. There are no rules about how a specific group home or residential treatment center is found. If money is under table in some form, it would not be surprising considering the price which is paid. Some children are placed at costs of 6.000 DKK per day. In order to avoid a scandal like the one in Pennsylvania, regulation of this area is highly needed.

But no politician has the courage to order an investigation into whether the money is spent so the tax-payers may get more for their money. So until further notice, do avoid to rent an apartment. Buy something instead or suffer like you have never suffered before.



About the woman hurt by public actions.

The europact will break the trade unions

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 28, 2011 at 4:46 PM Comments comments (0)

The Danish prime minister over at the central government in Copenhagen will support the new Europact.

For the ordinary Danes it will result in removal of the protection membership of a trade union can give them.

Opposite what is common in many dictatorships the saleries in Denmark are decides as result of negociations between employers and trade unions.

If Denmark enters the Europact, all the saleries will be dictated down from the European parliament.

As this area has not yet been lowered to the lowest level in Europe known as the harmonization process, it would result in cuts of 30-50 procent of the salery.

It would be a direct attack on the Danish welfare society. Families would start to starve.

But already today some firms are busy trying to break the trade unions. At CSC the management will lower the saleries so much that it would be impossible to work there if the employee shall support a family. Single income families would be a thing of the past. The children would have to give up their education and start to work just to bring money enough to the table so all can be fed.

Please support the CSC workers instead of failing them as the trade union did with the refuse collection staff at HCS.

All Danes must stand together to prevent the destruction of the trade unions and save our welfare society.


Deputy PM warms to EU referendum (Politiken, March 11, 2011)

Parking firms - preventing protests against the government

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 17, 2011 at 2:32 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday farmers tried to protest the environmental plans planned by the central government in Copenhagen and it did cost them.

We have seen civil protests in a lot of countries. Egypt managed to change their government. In countries like Libya, Bahrain and Yemen the future is uncertain for the people who just as the Danish farmers want to work in a line of business which can support their family to avoid starving.

In Denmark the government cannot order the police to attack the protesters as direct as it is done further south. They have some to do the dirty work.

Violence against protesters are also not well received in Denmark. In fact when the police conducted the necessary arrests in relationship with the climate summit, protests against long processing time by the police came at once, despite the fact that most of the over 1,000 protesters were released within 24 hours.

Over in Copenhagen the farmers were lured into a private owned area where they were ticked by a private firm controlling this area. The people working for such firm are in general known in the public as having no morale standing and when they are hired by public employers in some town, they are not subjected to checks for cruelty against children as most public servicemen are, as the recruiting base would be too small.

The farmers protest were surpressed as we also see it in Libya. However not with violence but by bankrupting them instead.

2011 has been a year for freedom for many, but for others there are still a long difficult path before they can enjoy not only democracy but also freedom to fulfill their line of work without backbreaking regulations.

Major tractor demo closes in on capital (, March 16, 2011)

Denmark and Article 7

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 1, 2011 at 10:39 PM Comments comments (0)

On a message board concerning child protection you can read:


Denmark signed the Convensions of the right of the Child. Article 7 says:


1. The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality and. as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.

2. States Parties shall ensure the implementation of these rights in accordance with their national law and their obligations under the relevant international instruments in this field, in particular where the child would otherwise be stateless.

The problem is that Denmark at no point has told the children that they could make use of this right instead of going through the normal immigration process which is 70 times tougher than everything Arizona has been thinking about.

In Denmark it is normal for the police to raid shelters during the winter so they can find illegal immigrants. Some of those immigrants then choose to sleep outside with a percentage which die or to start to work from Danish criminals who gives them shelter in exchange for small shop-lifting jobs where they are provided with businesslike clothes and bags which can pass any scanner in the shops without setting the alarms on if they have hidden items on their bodies or in the bags. If you want to be a Dane it takes 7 years and you have to put in a lot of community service to get it. A normal job will not do it. Even working as translater for our armed forces in Afghanistan or Iraq is not enough. You cannot be allowed to make money on being granted citizenship. Whether that is fair or not is not up to me to judge.

However I find the wrong that a country like Denmark will start to pick the number of articles they would like to follow and then skip the rest. Then what would happen in the rest of the world if all the countries can start to follow just those rules they find OK and then forget about the rest? It cannot be allowed.

We will write the Danish government and urge people to put pressure on Denmark so Denmark will be forced to acknowledge article 7 and additionally create the office of an Ombudsman for the children as UN have asked us to so Denmark would be in compliance with the convention they have signed decades ago.


We are saying: The Danish society cannot afford more immigrants. We are as a society broke when we cannot get early retirement.


However a word is a word. Regardless if it ends up in bankruptcy you cannot deny people their rights if you have signed a convention where you promise to protect children. It is that simple!

Denmark needs an Ombudsman for the children

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on February 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Denmark has two problems:


1) They hurt children when trying to help them

2) They cannot control lobbyism and some of the Trade Unions


In Denmark we are known for having a strong stand of child protection.


But sometime the bureaucrats in the social services hurt their children when they try to help them.


The main problem is that the courts are not supervising the social workers or are able to rule independent of interest by the workers and some of the organizations of group homes, boarding schools or foster care families which are depending of keeping a certain number of kids in the system.


When system have to decide whether a child should be removed from the home, a judge is involved in the process, but as part of the prosecution. Also present are some local politicians with no background in such matter. They are just elected and present so they can earn money. Last but not least the last members are the management of the child protection service. These 6 people then have to judge if a child if suffering so they can place it outside the childs home.


The child regardless of age is not heard in the process. The United Nations has Denmark to create the office of a Ombudsman for the children, but Denmark has denied to do so.


If they find that it is time for the child to be placed outside the home, then the question is where. It is not possible for outsiders to find out how the social workers find a certain group home or a couple of foster parents. What is known is that it is 25 percent more expensive than in most European countries and it is often someone who knows someone.


In the United States they had the "Kids for Cash" scandal. Could it happen in Denmark?


Most likely!!


We must demand that Denmark fights possible corruption and start to create the office of an Ombudsman for the children to a start. Next we must ask that the public can learn what kind of criterias which is used when deciding where a child should live in the future.


We are talking almost millions of DKK which are used for housing children outside their homes. Money which is often lost when the child turns 18 and they are dumped on the streets because they are adults.


The tax-payers in Denmark must demand that their money are used in the best possible way and it is only the number of children who really needs placement should have it. Generally it is also best for the children to remain with their families.


Source (In Danish):

FN efterlyser en ombudsmand for børn (Danmarks Radio)

The Danish consumers - abused by large firms?

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on February 17, 2011 at 3:46 AM Comments comments (0)

Today it was annouced that our parliament would try to make the copyright laws stricter, so Danish consumers no longer can import shoes, bags or watches if they turn out to be copies of a expensive brand.


It is not only bad news the ordinary Danish consumers. It is also bad news for the poor workers in the third world. Today they are abused by these large firms working in a dangerous environment for almost no money. They are hardly able to buy food for their families and any effort to create trade unions are punished. In some cases even with death!!


But also the Danish citizens are suffering right now. Denmark has agreed to pay for overspending in the rest of Europe in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal. For many years the Danes have worked hard in order to achieve early retirement. Now they will have to work longer and maybe even be close to 70 years of age before they will able to retire.


While people are working they save money so they buy goods when they retire. But most Danes die around age 70. When they can no longer drive in their cars they lose the will to live because they become isolated in their home in a time with less public transport and then it is soon over. If they cannot retire before they will die then why spend money on expensive items?


That's why the Danish citizens should be allowed to buy cheap copies of expensive brands. It is the only human solution.


Support workers in the third world: Buy copies instead of the originals!

Prevent the Denmark from becoming a third world country: Stop these new copyright rules.


Sources (In Denmark)

Forbud mod kopivarer på vej (Danmarks Radio, 17. februar 2011)