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The dark hard months in front of many Danes

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on December 30, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Christmas is over and a new year is in front of us.

For many Danes a new year not only marks a new beginning. It also marks months of hard suffering with no money.

In the time up to Christmas many shop earn most of the entire income for a full year. Book store makes about a third of their earnings during december.

Busy shops means that many shopowners contact a social worker so they can get free employees at their disposal calling it job-training. Most job-training agreements are made in october so the new employee can continue on welfare on unemployment benefits while they work for real as part of the job-training.

Then of course once Christmas is over that the big sale has ended the employees are put back on the street There was never an intention to hire the employees. It was only done to please local shopowners.

But not only employed people or people on welfare act the role of employees for 3 months. Many people from the eastern part of Europe are also called to work in Denmark producing various items for the Christmas market or pack goods for them to be send to consumers.

After the Danish trade Unions made sure that the people from the Eastern part of Europe are paid full salary a new system has been invented to cheat the trade unions. It is called "Finders Fee". Once the employee return home to his native country he has to give up half his salary as a reward for the person who informed him of the job in Denmark. The employer in Denmark then receives half the money under the tabel not involving the tax-departments etc. In return the Danish employer promise to hold the job for foreigners and not hire Danes regardless how unemployed they are.

That is how the Danish labor market works during the Christmas holidays. A scam from the beginning to the end and the employed Danes become the victims.

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