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Denmark needs an Ombudsman for the children

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on February 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Denmark has two problems:


1) They hurt children when trying to help them

2) They cannot control lobbyism and some of the Trade Unions


In Denmark we are known for having a strong stand of child protection.


But sometime the bureaucrats in the social services hurt their children when they try to help them.


The main problem is that the courts are not supervising the social workers or are able to rule independent of interest by the workers and some of the organizations of group homes, boarding schools or foster care families which are depending of keeping a certain number of kids in the system.


When system have to decide whether a child should be removed from the home, a judge is involved in the process, but as part of the prosecution. Also present are some local politicians with no background in such matter. They are just elected and present so they can earn money. Last but not least the last members are the management of the child protection service. These 6 people then have to judge if a child if suffering so they can place it outside the childs home.


The child regardless of age is not heard in the process. The United Nations has Denmark to create the office of a Ombudsman for the children, but Denmark has denied to do so.


If they find that it is time for the child to be placed outside the home, then the question is where. It is not possible for outsiders to find out how the social workers find a certain group home or a couple of foster parents. What is known is that it is 25 percent more expensive than in most European countries and it is often someone who knows someone.


In the United States they had the "Kids for Cash" scandal. Could it happen in Denmark?


Most likely!!


We must demand that Denmark fights possible corruption and start to create the office of an Ombudsman for the children to a start. Next we must ask that the public can learn what kind of criterias which is used when deciding where a child should live in the future.


We are talking almost millions of DKK which are used for housing children outside their homes. Money which is often lost when the child turns 18 and they are dumped on the streets because they are adults.


The tax-payers in Denmark must demand that their money are used in the best possible way and it is only the number of children who really needs placement should have it. Generally it is also best for the children to remain with their families.


Source (In Danish):

FN efterlyser en ombudsmand for børn (Danmarks Radio)