The bureaucrats broke us down

Denmark - a small northern deparment of an European project for the upper class people


Unemployed people in Denmark might seek tent cities

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 7, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

15,000 people will lose their homes and their families risk being torn apart and their children might end up in Denmark’s broken foster care system.


They hit the wall where they have been unemployed for 24 months. Most of them live in areas with few or no jobs. Many of them might be able to take a short term job but due to the laws they have to be in job for 12 months before they have earned the right to unemployment benefits again.


In reality they are lost and they know it.


Our central government over in Copenhagen doesn’t care about ordinary people. Most politicians have never known a normal job. They have entered the parliament fresh from school.


15,000 people who are unusable for our society. 15,000 people where the bureaucrats just wait for them to die.


It is the welfare society known as Denmark as of year 2013.




The europact will break the trade unions

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on March 28, 2011 at 4:46 PM Comments comments (0)

The Danish prime minister over at the central government in Copenhagen will support the new Europact.

For the ordinary Danes it will result in removal of the protection membership of a trade union can give them.

Opposite what is common in many dictatorships the saleries in Denmark are decides as result of negociations between employers and trade unions.

If Denmark enters the Europact, all the saleries will be dictated down from the European parliament.

As this area has not yet been lowered to the lowest level in Europe known as the harmonization process, it would result in cuts of 30-50 procent of the salery.

It would be a direct attack on the Danish welfare society. Families would start to starve.

But already today some firms are busy trying to break the trade unions. At CSC the management will lower the saleries so much that it would be impossible to work there if the employee shall support a family. Single income families would be a thing of the past. The children would have to give up their education and start to work just to bring money enough to the table so all can be fed.

Please support the CSC workers instead of failing them as the trade union did with the refuse collection staff at HCS.

All Danes must stand together to prevent the destruction of the trade unions and save our welfare society.


Deputy PM warms to EU referendum (Politiken, March 11, 2011)

The Danish consumers - abused by large firms?

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on February 17, 2011 at 3:46 AM Comments comments (0)

Today it was annouced that our parliament would try to make the copyright laws stricter, so Danish consumers no longer can import shoes, bags or watches if they turn out to be copies of a expensive brand.


It is not only bad news the ordinary Danish consumers. It is also bad news for the poor workers in the third world. Today they are abused by these large firms working in a dangerous environment for almost no money. They are hardly able to buy food for their families and any effort to create trade unions are punished. In some cases even with death!!


But also the Danish citizens are suffering right now. Denmark has agreed to pay for overspending in the rest of Europe in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal. For many years the Danes have worked hard in order to achieve early retirement. Now they will have to work longer and maybe even be close to 70 years of age before they will able to retire.


While people are working they save money so they buy goods when they retire. But most Danes die around age 70. When they can no longer drive in their cars they lose the will to live because they become isolated in their home in a time with less public transport and then it is soon over. If they cannot retire before they will die then why spend money on expensive items?


That's why the Danish citizens should be allowed to buy cheap copies of expensive brands. It is the only human solution.


Support workers in the third world: Buy copies instead of the originals!

Prevent the Denmark from becoming a third world country: Stop these new copyright rules.


Sources (In Denmark)

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