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GDPR is preventing young Danes from getting a job

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on June 21, 2019 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Many young Danes graduate the gymnasium (High School) this summer. Most are looking for a gap year. In the past you got such a job by going from employer to employer with your CV so they could call you once they needed an extra worker.

But not any more. They have to visit each shop every day until there is a vacant place to work because the small shops do not have the security required to store CV in their back room.

The GDPR rules require that you are able to log who accesses the information on the CV and a paper in a folder in a back room does not fulfill the requirements. Sure they can hire a lawyer or programs like" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">HelloTalent to store them in but the prices are too high for a business with less than 50 employees as the cost per year cannot exceed DKK 1,000 due to the high burden of taxes put upon firms located inside Denmark.

Larger firms like Google and Apple has decided to pull out of Denmark when it comes to placing hosting centers in Denmark. They recognize that Danish employees will be too expensive now where the firms have to apply to the new GDPR rules - especially when other countries like Ireland and a bunch of countries from the eastern part of Europe has decided to be less strict with upholding GDPR rules.

New campaign: Remain home 2018

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on January 14, 2018 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

There is a new need for a campaign. This time the campaign is not targeted against business men without conscience like those who lured a lot of innocent teenagers to Prague some years ago where they were subjected to cruel treatment by the local police and Sovjet-like showtrials just because Danish customs among teenagers did not fit local customs.

This time the campaign will target the European Union.

They are about to issue 20,000 Interrail tickets to 18 year olds. While an 18 year old is an adult, an 18 year old does not have the life experience allowing such a young person travelling to and experience foreign cultures with risk of getting hurt. Europe is not a single region with single common customs. Europe is a lot of countries with each country having their history and their customs. It is something you need to respect just like we like tourists coming to Denmark to respect our customs.

Our youth does not need to to visit these countries and pollute their cultures as they do not need to visit us. Our teenagers are happy people with little ambitions and small expectations. The last part is important because if you do not expect as much you also will not be disapointed so much.

There is nothing for them to gain from visiting various countries in Europe. Back here in Denmark you will meet a cold stone wall if you as a foreigner comes here to visit, study or work - until you sit down and drink wine or alcohol with them. Only then they open up.

It is possible that a visit to a foregin country can change the way our youth will think and it could lead to increased levels of violence. In Denmark we already suffer from the effects of youth gang wars. It is a phenomen caused by outside influence. Groups of youth who have become fustrated because their unrealistic expectation of their future cannot be fulfilled seek commenors like themselves outside the general groups in our society. There they create new values which brings them into conflict with our laws.

We need to bring them back into the general society. Embrace them with our hygge and social gathering where we drink and speak about the strange world outside we are not supposed to understand. How can we do that when the European Union makes them an offer where they by change can bring all such of strange customs and expectations back home?

Social heritage in Denmark matter. As a child your parents should make you expect only so much from life that it fits your social standard. The most important thing in life is not to become disapponted. Enjoy your successes - even the small ones.

That is what makes a human being whole and happy!!

So we need to stop the scheme from the European Unions. Remain home 2018 has been launched. We will send materials to people who will help us by posting the message online.