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Tourists in Denmark are far from a good thing

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 14, 2015 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been revealed that half of the tourists visiting Denmark can leave without ever paying their parking tickets. It is an insult to the Danish citizens which are burdened by the huge costs of parking when they commute to their jobs every day.

In parts of Copenhagen - Orestad and Nordhavnen - ordinary workers have to pay $ 246 per months to park near their workplace. This amount equal to about 221 Euros makes it hard for the workers to feed their children if they work in an ordinary job in a shop or in an office.

For these ordinary Danes it is almost unbearable to learn that tourists can get off without paying. Some private firms live of scamming tourists who don’t know that cars which want to park on any street or parking lot in Denmark need to have a sign in the front window with a watch but mostly the parking rules on public streets are fair.

So these tourists who manage to park for free take advantage of ordinary Danish citizens. It is an insult. So if you don’t want to insult ordinary hardworking Danish citizens please choose another country to be tourist in.



Udenlandske bilister skylder millioner i p-bøder (BT)