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Hired Goons in Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on October 10, 2020 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Næstved Storcenter is a shopping mall on the island of Sealand - an island we in Jutland calls the Devils Island.

A unlucky woman tried to buy a cop of coffee from Starbucks inside the mall and she had a permission not to wear mask due to an illness. Still guards or I have to say goons from the G4S firm which as a poor track record with abusive prisons abroad harassed her.

In the end she was arrested for effort to document the harassment. So if George Floyd had been arrested inside Næstved Storcenter, he would have died without the world knowing because it is illegal to use your smartphone inside the mall.

The combination of a so-called security firm and a ban on all video is a toxic combination.

It creates an unpleasant situation for the customers of Næstved Storcenter. It brings shame on the Starbucks brand. It is not for fun that some people have to go to their doctor and get a note which allows them not to wear mask but at the same time expose them to this China virus put upon us in order to test the health care systems the world over.

Denmark is no longer the proud country which pulled out of the cartoon war victorious. Denmark is no longer the proud country which single-handed whipped all the other EU-countries into place with the Maastricht agreement. Denmark is a country ruled in fear from the Covid-19 fines and the prime minister responsible for a state administration which one say say mask does not matter and the next day say that they should be used and people should get fines if they do not use them.

What awful times we live in. I will never visit Næstved Storcenter again and I hope that Starbucks will call Salling Group and tell them how customers should be treated.

GDPR is preventing young Danes from getting a job

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on June 21, 2019 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Many young Danes graduate the gymnasium (High School) this summer. Most are looking for a gap year. In the past you got such a job by going from employer to employer with your CV so they could call you once they needed an extra worker.

But not any more. They have to visit each shop every day until there is a vacant place to work because the small shops do not have the security required to store CV in their back room.

The GDPR rules require that you are able to log who accesses the information on the CV and a paper in a folder in a back room does not fulfill the requirements. Sure they can hire a lawyer or programs like" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">HelloTalent to store them in but the prices are too high for a business with less than 50 employees as the cost per year cannot exceed DKK 1,000 due to the high burden of taxes put upon firms located inside Denmark.

Larger firms like Google and Apple has decided to pull out of Denmark when it comes to placing hosting centers in Denmark. They recognize that Danish employees will be too expensive now where the firms have to apply to the new GDPR rules - especially when other countries like Ireland and a bunch of countries from the eastern part of Europe has decided to be less strict with upholding GDPR rules.

New campaign: Remain home 2018

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on January 14, 2018 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

There is a new need for a campaign. This time the campaign is not targeted against business men without conscience like those who lured a lot of innocent teenagers to Prague some years ago where they were subjected to cruel treatment by the local police and Sovjet-like showtrials just because Danish customs among teenagers did not fit local customs.

This time the campaign will target the European Union.

They are about to issue 20,000 Interrail tickets to 18 year olds. While an 18 year old is an adult, an 18 year old does not have the life experience allowing such a young person travelling to and experience foreign cultures with risk of getting hurt. Europe is not a single region with single common customs. Europe is a lot of countries with each country having their history and their customs. It is something you need to respect just like we like tourists coming to Denmark to respect our customs.

Our youth does not need to to visit these countries and pollute their cultures as they do not need to visit us. Our teenagers are happy people with little ambitions and small expectations. The last part is important because if you do not expect as much you also will not be disapointed so much.

There is nothing for them to gain from visiting various countries in Europe. Back here in Denmark you will meet a cold stone wall if you as a foreigner comes here to visit, study or work - until you sit down and drink wine or alcohol with them. Only then they open up.

It is possible that a visit to a foregin country can change the way our youth will think and it could lead to increased levels of violence. In Denmark we already suffer from the effects of youth gang wars. It is a phenomen caused by outside influence. Groups of youth who have become fustrated because their unrealistic expectation of their future cannot be fulfilled seek commenors like themselves outside the general groups in our society. There they create new values which brings them into conflict with our laws.

We need to bring them back into the general society. Embrace them with our hygge and social gathering where we drink and speak about the strange world outside we are not supposed to understand. How can we do that when the European Union makes them an offer where they by change can bring all such of strange customs and expectations back home?

Social heritage in Denmark matter. As a child your parents should make you expect only so much from life that it fits your social standard. The most important thing in life is not to become disapponted. Enjoy your successes - even the small ones.

That is what makes a human being whole and happy!!

So we need to stop the scheme from the European Unions. Remain home 2018 has been launched. We will send materials to people who will help us by posting the message online.

The dark hard months in front of many Danes

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on December 30, 2016 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Christmas is over and a new year is in front of us.

For many Danes a new year not only marks a new beginning. It also marks months of hard suffering with no money.

In the time up to Christmas many shop earn most of the entire income for a full year. Book store makes about a third of their earnings during december.

Busy shops means that many shopowners contact a social worker so they can get free employees at their disposal calling it job-training. Most job-training agreements are made in october so the new employee can continue on welfare on unemployment benefits while they work for real as part of the job-training.

Then of course once Christmas is over that the big sale has ended the employees are put back on the street There was never an intention to hire the employees. It was only done to please local shopowners.

But not only employed people or people on welfare act the role of employees for 3 months. Many people from the eastern part of Europe are also called to work in Denmark producing various items for the Christmas market or pack goods for them to be send to consumers.

After the Danish trade Unions made sure that the people from the Eastern part of Europe are paid full salary a new system has been invented to cheat the trade unions. It is called "Finders Fee". Once the employee return home to his native country he has to give up half his salary as a reward for the person who informed him of the job in Denmark. The employer in Denmark then receives half the money under the tabel not involving the tax-departments etc. In return the Danish employer promise to hold the job for foreigners and not hire Danes regardless how unemployed they are.

That is how the Danish labor market works during the Christmas holidays. A scam from the beginning to the end and the employed Danes become the victims.

Another reaction to the British asylum attack campain

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 30, 2015 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

All this hatred towards Denmark I don’t understand

Another group of Danes want to inflict damage to our country by luring a number of asylum seekers to our country. We cannot cover the costs of housing them because the authorities have decided to use a costlier standard than the one we used when we housed 200,000 Germans just after the last war.


Why not use the same approach as we did back then? It worked for the Germans who appreciated our effort.


These Danes who pay for these adds in English newspapers must really hate Denmark – my beloved country.


I totally fail to understand them.



Danskere indrykker annonce i britisk avis: ‘Kære flygtninge, vi byder jer velkommen’ (BT)

Source:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Original blog entry

More reactions from Danes on the British attack

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 20, 2015 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We found another blog about immigration to Denmark and the false add campain in British newspapers:

British interests try to trick asylum seekers

It is with a mix of outrage and sadness that we Danes have learned that British newspapers paint a false picture of asylums seekers can find in Denmark.

Fact is that there is no future for them in Denmark as their education is not good enough. A lot of medical staff from a lot of countries can be seen working as waiters or taxi drivers. Good surgeons cannot expect to be accredited in Denmark because our education system is so much better.

In fact, Danish teenagers who spend a year abroad cannot get accreditation from any school in the world. They have attended high schools in United States, France, England and Ireland. All good countries with good education standards but still not good enough the department of education in Denmark. And with good reasons. Years ago, they allowed a Dentist to practice in Naestved who had learned his skills in India or Pakistan. People died!

A lot of business men came come with grades from Harward both with and without double d. They faked many customers and business partners and a lot of people lost money. So now it is good practice to view candidates with foreign grades or even foreign experience with suspicion.

We have no need for asylum seekers in a modern Denmark. We already have too many compared with the size of our country and population. Danes have paid a lot regarding social security and unlike Britain where it is easy to work illegal the Danish trade unions together with the police do a hard work to find illegal workers and fine both them and the employers.

While this hunt for illegal workers has been successful, the ordinary Danes still have experienced cuts in social benefits and pensions, so it would be unfair to state that the asylum seekers are running from a situation worse than the one they will experience in Denmark. Ask the Danes! They will confirm that they have experienced hardship and suffering unlike any other nation in the entire world.

It is close to an insult to ordinary Danes when people come to our doorstep and ask for asylum. It is not to understand how people can live with themselves robbing the Danish population for almost everything.

We have to criticize the people in England who are so evil that they would publish lies in their newspapers just to get the asylum seekers from entering the Channel Tunnel. It is really bad taste.

Bloggers report of United Kingdoms attack on Denmark

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Bloggers report that the government in United Kingdom seems to have asked their newspapers to promote Denmark in favor of themselves so immigrants will target Denmark to be parasites in instead of United Kingdom.


The newspaper Guardian behind a secret attack on Denmark?

The English newspaper "The Guardian" has allowed a disturbed Danish woman to write about asylum seekers and how the supposely should be welcome in Denmark. I am shocked. We all know that the United Kingdom face trouble because France has let them down by allowing asylum seekers to camp near the Channel tunnel. They really want to install dangerous electric fence so people can be killed off if they try to enter the United Kingdom through the tunnel but it has not been possible yet. But just because they have trouble with asylum seekers it doesn't mean that Denmark should have space for them. Denmark as a welfare state is in huge trouble and on the verge of a breakdown due to the high number of asylum seekers. Let me tell you some of the problems we as Danes have faced the resent years:
  1. No early retirement called "Efterlon" in Danish: For a lot of Danes life has been about making career until they were 40 and then starting to plan their retirement the last 20 years in the workforce. The costs of asylum seekers and foreign aid programs abroad trying to limit the number has forced the Danish government to force the Danes to work instead of receiving their well deserved pension.

  2. Cuts in social benefits: People who are living together without being married have to live alone because otherwise they will be considered responsible to cover living costs for the other occupent of the address.

  3. Abandoned villages: Jobs and housing seem to be centered around the major cities in Denmark leaving the rest of Denmark to end up as something between wasteland and wilderness. The authorities use a lot of money to tear down abandoned buildings so they don't end up housing theves from Eastern Europe who sleep in the abandoned houses during the nights and then drive into the cities by day where they shoplift in huge groups often overpowering the employees in the shops.

  4. Abandoned villages: Young people born in the countryside and smaller cities have to leave their families because school is not existing. Since 1970 more than 2/3 of the Danish public school covering form 1 to 9 has been closed. Often schools outside the cities so the students have to travel hours in order to go to school.

  5. Healthcare: The state of Denmark cannot treat everyone for free anymore. They have categorized and selected some illnesses over others. Cancer is a fine illness to get. They have put limits on the days people have to wait for treatment. Depression is bad thing to get because do you get children at some point and should they suffer from any problems in school you will be fined more than 100.000 for a stay in a treatment facility because you put children in the world knowing that you had this illness.

  6. Social services: People with low income or people who are suffering from various illnesses can lose their children by forced adoption. Children in foster care are adopted by force because it is cheaper for the system with adoptive children than children in foster care.

  7. Cuts in social benefits: Students have to etablish debts because a stricter regulation regarding student grants make it impossible to take some years off working full time, so now only welthy families can afford education or risk life long debt with huge interest making it impossible to gain profit from going to school instead of dropping out.

Fact is: The conditions in Denmark are not better than the conditions the asylum seekers run from.
  • A lot of people suffers from war trauma because the Danish politicians since 1990 has sent soldiers to almost every conflict in the world. Some have killed civilians when they returned home. Others have committed suicide and some cannot live indoor and you find the sleeping in the woods where they shun other people.

  • The jobs are sent to China or people with no qualifications are coming in from India because India due to widespread cheating has given a lot of people fine titles so they look qualified.

  • Values are stolen from Danes by people from Eastern Europe.

  • Entire lines of businesses are taken by the immigrants making Danes unemployed. Asylum seekers from Somalia sit on almost all the import of Khat making it impossible for future immigrants to establish themselves in that business because they protect their business with violence.
  • Danish women servicing men on private matters have seen their jobs going to trafficed women making it impossible for future immigrants to enter this line of business suited well for them due the lack of educational demands.

  • If you come with a foreign education you will most likely have to take jobs outside your line of business. A lot of medical staff has been recruited as cab drivers due to their ability to learn fast which is a plus for a cab driver where you have to learn the names of the streets for obvious reasons.

  • You are asking yourself: Why are the Danes not on the run if things are so bad? Because mobility is an issue in Denmark. First the police guard the road with speed traps making commuting to foreign jobs difficult if not possible. Parking is an issue and most people need a vehicle to go. A man in Copenhagen has been jailed for 4 months because he made a fuss against a parking attendant.

    Secondly Danes are not used to relocate themselves inside Denmark so they are very unlikely to do it outside Denmark. In Denmark we live by the Jante Law which you can look up on Wikipedia. A Dane relocating to another part of Denmark doesn't expect to be an integrated part of the community. Maybe it would be possible for his grand children. He will always be the stranger.
With all these things speaking against going to Denmark why does The Guardian then make this article based on this disturbed womans ideas? Is it because The Guardian acts on the behalf of the English government? Do they want to create a huge crisis inside the European Union in a time where they think of leaving the Union. We as Danes are offended. To read this disturbed article please use the link below if you can deal with the contents: Asylum seekers should head for Denmark – here are five reasons why (The Guardian)

We are watching this unwanted provocation by the government in United Kingdom. We will publish articles from other bloggers.


The newspaper Guardian behind a secret attack on Denmark? (The original blog-entry)

Stabbed in the back (reaction to the British attack)

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 14, 2015 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We found another blogger who made an entry about the British attack on Denmark:

Stabbed in the back

A Danish woman was able to make the The Guardian publish an article which could turn out to destroy our country.

If the wrong people read this article Denmark as a nation could go bankrupt. Tons of asylum seekers will go to Denmark where we struggle with burden of housing them.

Maybe we will have to etablish internment camps like we did just after the WWII where 200,000 refugees from Germany went to Denmark. I have to say that despite our best efforts 4,000 children died after the war due to the massive number of refugee measured against the medical resources we had at that time for them.

And now it not that much better if they keep coming here. The medical system in Denmark has to make cuts every year. Many nurses have been fired. Entire hospitals have been closed despite the fact that there still were need for them.

But the burden of the costs for the refugees who are already here have forced our society to make decisions which are not happy ones.

Maybe we have to look at our experiences just after WWII to learn what we did good so they left our country in a hurry. It might cost some lives but when the price in play is the future of our entire country then hard decisions will have to be made.

The European Union will not stand for many years when a member state like England attacks us Danes and I as a Dane feel this article as an attack.

The original blog entry:

Tourists in Denmark are far from a good thing

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on August 14, 2015 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been revealed that half of the tourists visiting Denmark can leave without ever paying their parking tickets. It is an insult to the Danish citizens which are burdened by the huge costs of parking when they commute to their jobs every day.

In parts of Copenhagen - Orestad and Nordhavnen - ordinary workers have to pay $ 246 per months to park near their workplace. This amount equal to about 221 Euros makes it hard for the workers to feed their children if they work in an ordinary job in a shop or in an office.

For these ordinary Danes it is almost unbearable to learn that tourists can get off without paying. Some private firms live of scamming tourists who don’t know that cars which want to park on any street or parking lot in Denmark need to have a sign in the front window with a watch but mostly the parking rules on public streets are fair.

So these tourists who manage to park for free take advantage of ordinary Danish citizens. It is an insult. So if you don’t want to insult ordinary hardworking Danish citizens please choose another country to be tourist in.



Udenlandske bilister skylder millioner i p-bøder (BT)

Danish students should be kept at home - Part I

Posted by Roland R. Hansen on May 20, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We have learned that a Danish exchange student was sent home from Gay Mills in Wisconsin because she had sex with a male student.

It seems that this remote state has some kind of laws against youth having sex when they are 17 years of age.

We must demand that our central government over in Copenhagen make legislation which forbid students from becoming exchange students in countries and areas where they cannot have sex and drink alcohol like normal people.

This young girl risked arrest and deportation because two irresponsible firms called CETUSA and Explorius didn't do their job good enough. While it will impossible to put them out of business as they so rightfully deserves, our politicians should put a ban on any youth aged below 18 or 21 if the local laws dictates a higher age limit for a normal teenage activity.

In the long run a reduction in the number of exchange students will be beneficial for our society.


Life as an exchange student is not worth it (Blog entry)