The bureaucrats broke us down

Denmark - a small northern deparment of an European project for the upper class people

About us

We are a group of Danish citizens, who have seen our society collapse on a number of points.

The core of the Danish welfare - the early retirement called Efterloen in Danish is no longer a part the future for the younger part of the population. The Danish media is filled with the term Generation Theft and to some extend it is true, but the main cause of the problem is the Euro convergence criterias which Denmark for some unknown reason wants to comply to regardless of the fact that Denmark has their own superior currency.

Those criterias will be the end of our nation. Danish citizens will suffer worse than earthqueke victims. We need to put pressure on our government and one way to do it is to bring awareness to the daily suffering the Danish citizens have faced.

We have formed an organization called Danes against the elitist coffee club and this is our website where we compile and share information.


Danes against the elitist coffee club


This website makes use of a system search optimizing formulas called Egedal SEO. The system was invented due to actions made by employees at Egedal municipality in Denmark